About Us

We Are:

  • Community-Centered, proudly based in rural Grayson, SK, offering computing, tech support, sales, and printing services to the community, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. We are involved with many local businesses, Boards, and events.
  • Non-Profit, providing support and management to the non-profit sector.
  • Computer Sales and Technical Support able to source new computers, upgrade older ones, and troubleshoot problems with desktops, laptops, internet connections, printers, peripherals, and more. Technical support telephone calls are welcome.
  • Educators and Advisors on topics all across the divide from business management and finances to networking, social media, and introductory computer classes.
  • Technical Problem Solvers with direct experience in computer networking, computer software, electronic hardware, audio/visual systems and solar energy technology.
  • Community Developers experienced in long-term strategic planning and entrepreneurship on the community level.
  • Cross-Cultural and experienced business partners with many First Nations bands and current partners of the Saskatchewan Indigenous Business Development Service (IBDS).

What "Empowering Individuals and Communities" Means

Above all, we are dedicated to helping rural Saskatchewan communities and individuals stay employed and competitive, especially technologically. Combining our technical, managerial, and educational talents, we have been able to:

  • Find jobs for young people and network them with local employers.
  • Provide education in computer technology.
  • Give business advice to entrepreneurs and starting businesses.
  • Supply technical and business service far outside the big city.
  • Design low-cost monitor systems affordable to small greenhouses.
  • Demonstrate how one can reduce costs with solar technologies.